With Diablo 2 Resurrected lurking within the East, you’ll need to ensure you’re going into the fray with the most effective Druid builds which you can. 

Whereas the Diablo 2 Resurrected character roster seems fairly small at first look, each hero of Sanctuary is stacked with a singular set of talents that will help you tear down the armies of hell in model.

One in every of these lessons is the Druid, a summoner class who manipulates nature to his whim. Outfitted with an arsenal of elemental spells, in addition to the flexibility to name upon the creatures of the wild, the Druid may be performed a number of alternative ways.

So, with out additional ado, right here’s our assortment of greatest builds for Diablo 2’s Druid coming into Resurrected.


Blizzard Leisure

The rugged Druid bends nature to his will.

Is the Druid best for you?

The Druid borrows totally different attributes from a complete number of totally different lessons. Mixing collectively the Barbarian, Necromancer, and Sorceress, he may be extremely highly effective in the correct palms.

Good for taking long-range fights, however capable of get up in fight too, he’s a superb mix of the traditional mage and tank lessons. If that sounds proper up your alleyway, then you may tailor his talents to suit your particular playstyle fairly simply.

Diablo 2 Druid: Greatest builds

Wind Druid

If taking a stroll on the wild aspect isn’t for you, you may channel your internal nature spirit by mastering the Wind Druid. Specializing in wind spells Tornado, Twister, and Cyclone Armor, alongside the icy Hurricane, this construct is without doubt one of the Druid’s greatest as a result of its injury output at excessive ranges.

20 factors will go into every of those, with Arctic Blast getting one level as a prerequisite. All of those work collectively to tear down your enemies from afar.

For attributes, you’ll be maxing your Energy so far as gadgets require, then trying to drop some factors into Dexterity and Vitality.

Fury Werewolf

One of the interesting builds for the Druid is the Fury Werewolf, a construct that allows you to unleash the beast and wrack up and a whopping 5,000 well being by the top of the sport. If you wish to shred enemies in model and never take a scratch, this one is for you.

Fury is the first assault you’ll have to max out, alongside Lycanthropy. When you’re trying to play a bit extra defensive Oak Sage is a should, however if you wish to tear the hoards of hell asunder we suggest maxing out Coronary heart of the Wolverine. Lastly, you’ll have to drop some factors into Werewolf and Rabies. We additionally advise choosing up an elemental spell, too. Hurricane is a good alternative as a result of its excessive injury.

Vitality is the place you’ll need to drop your attribute factors, as this actually is the spine of this construct. If you wish to use a protect, you’ll additionally profit from some factors in Vitality, and also you’ll have to max Energy to merchandise degree as soon as once more.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Druid
YouTube: Time TV

One of the in style builds for the Druid unleashes his internal beast.

Rabies Druid

Whereas OG Diablo followers usually smirk at poison builds, the Rabies Druid is one in every of our private favorites. Demanding a hit-and-run model of gameplay, you’ll take a chunk out of your enemies with maxed-out Rabies and watch the remaining get contaminated.

20 factors ought to be allotted to Rabies, in addition to Poison Creeper due to the synergy between them. Once more Lycanthropy must be maxed, and you may select as soon as extra between Oak Sage and Coronary heart of the Wolverine. 5 factors may even want to enter Werewolf. 

When it comes to attributes, Energy seems as soon as once more, however Vitality is the massive one for you. Once more for those who’re enjoying extra melee, Dexterity may even come in useful for protect bearers.

Beastmaster Druid

When you actually need to get the complete wild expertise, the Beastmaster Druid is for you. Counting on leveling his Summons and combating from afar, the core abilities you’ll want are Summon Spirit Wolf, Summon Dire Wolf, Summon Grizzly, Poison Creeper, and both Oak Sage or Coronary heart of the Wolverine. All of those will get 20 factors every.

Your Grizzly would be the important meat protect of your animal arsenal, with the wolves doing much less injury however nonetheless chunking down well being bars. Poison Crawler isn’t a heavy hitter, but it surely stops your enemies from therapeutic whilst you and your beasts demolish them.

When it comes to attributes, construct up your Energy so far as you’ll want to for merchandise benefit. As this Druid depends on his bow, you’ll need to put loads of factors into Dexterity, and the remaining into Vitality.

Diablo 4 character select
Blizzard Leisure

The Druid has change into such a preferred class that it’ll return for the extremely anticipated Diablo 4.


If werewolves aren’t your full-moon powerhouse of alternative, you’ll be pleased to listen to which you can rework right into a terrifying werebear. Whereas not as robust because the werewolf, the Maulbear construct is ideal for demolishing your opponents.

You’ll need to plow 20 factors into Werebear, Maul, Lycanthropy, and Coronary heart of the Wolverine to make sure that you maximize your injury output. The Werebear has a fairly beefy well being bar, so you may go in all weapons blazing with out worrying an excessive amount of about protection.

When it comes to attributes, every thing will get funneled into Vitality, with Energy and Dexterity upgraded to reflect your gear ranges.

Hearth Druid

Simply because the Druid can harness the ability of the storm, he can wield the flames of hell and char enemies to a crisp. The difficulty with Hearth Druid is that lots of the prerequisite abilities required could have you losing factors on different parts, knocking it a lot additional down the ability listing. This implies it performs higher at low-level play.

The spells you’ll be counting on are Armageddon, Fissure Molten Boulder, and Fireball. You’ll have to put some factors into every to do any dependable injury, and moreover, you’ll want a little bit of apply to purpose them appropriately.

Your attributes ought to be leveled in an identical option to the Wind Druid: sufficient Energy for gear, and the remainder of your factors into Dexterity and Vitality. 

That’s it for our greatest Diablo 2 Druid builds! When you’re trying to dominate Resurrected in model, then make sure you try our different guides under:

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