Apex Legends’ ranked system is getting an overhaul in Season 11 ⁠— once more. Respawn have confirmed an replace to how kill factors (KP) works, finally altering how the climb will work in Apex Legends Season 11.

Apex Legends’ ranked system might get heaped praise by these simply shifting into the battle royale. Nevertheless, for long-time gamers, the system has been damaged for some time.

Server points and DDOSing at larger ranks has at all times been a problem. The system itself could possibly be modified although, with pros pushing for Respawn so as to add demotion and a transparent in-game leaderboard open to everybody.

The Apex Legends builders are taking a look at a change to ranked for Season 11, specializing in how the KP system works in aggressive playlists.


Apex Legends’ ranked system is getting one other replace in Season 11.

Gamers earn KP in ranked by getting kills or assists, capping out at 5. If you wish to climb in Apex, it’s essential get KP mixed with placement for large features. In Apex Legends Season 11, that could possibly be altering although. Respawn comms lead Ryan Rigney told players on Reddit an overhaul to the Apex Legends KP system is coming.

“My boys on the dev workforce simply corrected me and there are some modifications to how KP can be calculated,” Rigney stated. Respawn, nonetheless, can be saving the specifics of the ranked modifications for the Season 11 patch notes.

Streamers like NICKMERCS have prompt KP modifications previously, making it a team-based stat and scaling the modifier off damage as properly, not simply placement.

The ranked modifications in Apex Legends Season 11 will launch alongside a potential new map, codenamed Tropics, a new legend, and the standard array of steadiness modifications.

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