Secret Call Recorder App Apk Free Download

Using this secret app you can record all the phone calls you receive on your phone . You can also download and use it for free

Description of Secret Call Recorder App

The entire process can be controlled with a single button.

Call recordings can be saved, played, mailed and shared.

Notes can be added to records and the same can be modified.

Calls can be recorded in three modes 1. All calls, 2. Record selected numbers, 3. Ignore selected numbers.

Auto clear option to automatically delete old records after a specified number of days.

There are options to search records by name, notes and date (only available in Pro version).

The best feature of our app is that after the call is over, the recorded file is automatically sent to a pre-configured email/gmail account. Recordings can be saved in email settings and sent to email in three different ways: 1. Save, 2. Mail and save, 3. Mail and don’t save. The default option is Save.

Another nice feature is that important records can be hidden. To hide a record, go to the records list and long press any record. A popup will appear asking for confirmation to hide it. To view hidden recordings, tap four times on the Call Recorder text (top left corner) (only available in Pro version).

Language support for 24 languages.


1. Uninstall any other call recording apps before using this app.

2. Call recording may not work on some handsets and poor quality recordings may occur. We recommend trying the free version before purchasing the paid app.

3. If you experience any problems with voice quality, try recording from a different audio source in the Sound Format Settings option. The default option is Mic, you can switch to another option, test and use the same.

4. In mail settings, you will need to provide your Gmail credentials (below) for posts to be sent to your Gmail account.

5. Since this is a free app, it contains ads. If ads bother you, install our Pro version. If you have any problems please email us at and we will try to solve them as soon as possible, so don’t underestimate our app. Also, we would like to ask you about any suggestions so that we can improve the performance of our app.

6. And since this is a free app, only the first 24 call recordings can be saved and sent to email. Install Pro or Stealth version for unlimited access.


Download APK(2.9 MB)

The very best hidden call recorder apps for Android

The best hidden call recorder apps for Android offer built-in functions to capture phone records besides multiple capabilities.

So let’s take a look at some reliable call recorders that will make your target hard to find.

  • TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a hidden auto call recorder suitable for viewing information on a target mobile device. TheTruthSpy hidden call recorder app can be used for GPS tracking, spy on messages, calls and social media activities.

This spy call recorder works in the background of the phone in stealth mode and helps you know the location of your kids, spouse or employees.

TheTruthSpy App Features

SMS to check messages exchanged so far
Spy call to track call logs and details of outgoing and incoming calls
Call recording option for later listening and analysis
Ambient voice recording to capture background sounds
Browsing history tracking, websites visited
Easy to record calls via Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook and more
Hidden Keylogger to capture hidden keystrokes

Automatic Call Recorder App

This automatic call recorder supports selective recording and saving of calls and adding shareable notes. Auto Secret Call Recorder app can sync with Google Drive and allows you to convert recordings in different audio formats or bitrates.

Advanced Audio Wrapping, WMV and AMR are some of the advanced formats available in Automatic Call Recorder.

Common Automatic Call Recorder Features:

  • Call summary menu for displaying call details
  • Different default settings for recording a call
  • Auto-on speaker mode for improving voice quality
  • Expandable call storage inbox for saving calls
  • Updated bug fixes and premium UI

Auto Call Recorder Features- Hide App

  • Instant notifications for recording errors
  • Call logs for the files recorded so far
  • Multiple formats for making call recordings
  • Option to share recordings with Bluetooth or messages
  • Regular bug fixes
  • Easy to change the app’s language

Spyzie call recorder

Spyzie Call Recorder lets you listen to calls in real time and record them at your convenience. Hidden Auto Call Recorder provides Spyzie dashboard to view call logs and track calls.

Hidden Call Recorder for Android works in a snooze mode without letting the target know that they are being tracked.

Common Spyzie Call Recorder Features:

  • Browser history tracker also gives details about favorite websites, frequently visited sites, and more
  • Access to SIM card information such as its IMEI code
  • Setting forbidden zones so that you get immediate updates as soon as a target crosses them
  • 3D Street views and exact coordinates for locating a phone
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. spying available too.

How? Recording phone calls with Google Voice

You can record incoming calls on your phone using Google Voice after you sign in to your account and go to the Settings menu. Now, select ‘Calls’ and click on ‘Enable Call Recording’ in the pop-up. Finally, press 4 to start recording and press the same button to stop it.

which one Best hidden call recorder without icon

Blackbox Call Recorder, Boltbeast Call Recorder, Cube Call Recorder, Automatic Call Recorder by RSA and Otter Voice Memos are some of the best hidden call recorders without icon.

free hidden spy call recorders for android?

Some of the free hidden spy call recorder for Android are Sec-Voice Recorder, TheTruthSpy, RMC, iPadio, and TTSPY.

How we tested the best call recorder app

To test the very, very best call recorder software, we scoured a range of popular options, as well as got recommendations from people we know who use call recording software regularly. See how user-friendly each platform is, and determine what level of tools and advanced options are available. Price also came into consideration when deciding on our best list.

Which call recorder software is best for you?

When deciding which best call recorder software app you should use in general, first consider what your actual needs are. For example, someone who wants to use one on a casual basis may find a free or cheap option more cost-effective while providing all the necessary tools. However, if you plan to use call recording for professional or business purposes, especially with a large number of people and on a regular basis, you’ll want to look at higher-end options for more advanced tools. included.

The best call recorder software of the year

Generally the best call recorder software not only makes it simple and easy to record calls on your smartphone but also manage and store them.

Call recording can be useful and necessary for recording an interview, keeping records of your communications, or keeping records of your phone calls for administrative purposes.

While the basic principle of a call recorder is simple, many of these apps differ in terms of usability, playback, and more. Additionally, you need to decide whether you want to pay for a call recorder or a free software with fewer features.

Note that laws regarding call recording vary between states and countries. If you plan to record a call, it’s always good practice to ask the person you’re talking to first.

With that said, let’s take a look at five of the best call recorder software options that you can start using today.

ACR Call Recorder

For Android users in general, there are few free options better than ACR Call Recorder. This simple app has an on/off toggle switch that lets you automatically record every call on your phone.

One of the best things about it is that it’s intuitive. You can search posts by contact names and share posts easily from within the app. It also comes with an auto-delete option so that your phone’s storage doesn’t fill up with old recordings.

The only downside is that if you want to turn off automatic recording and manually start recording for a specific call, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

4 benefits of call recording

No matter how attentive your customer service agent is, he or she is only human, which means there’s always room for error. But for businesses that have adopted VoIP as their telephony solution, call recording can minimize these mistakes. Learn how this nifty VoIP feature can benefit businesses of all sizes.

1. Improving customer service

Regardless of the importance of the call, one of the most important reasons businesses should always record their calls is to ensure high-quality customer service. By reviewing calls, managers can understand how their agents are interacting with customers, whether or not they are following company protocol, and can point out any areas that can be improved.

Without call logs, managers would have to listen to each call in real time, a time-consuming process. By recording every call, your managers will not only save time, but your employees will be motivated to perform better every time they get on the phone because they will not know which calls are being monitored.

2. Increasing employee efficiency

According to Edgar Dale’s Learning Cone, people remember only 10% of what they read, 50% of what they see and hear, and 90% of what they do. By giving your agents real recordings of good and bad call examples during training sessions, and then having them simulate the calls, they can quickly learn and deliver high-quality customer service.

This is made possible by VoIP’s call recording feature, which allows each call to be automatically recorded; That way, you can easily keep all the audio files for future use if needed.

3. Recover missed details and prevent lawsuits

With hundreds of phone calls made daily, it’s understandable if your employees don’t catch every detail. For companies that require their agents to manually input information during calls, there is always a chance that they will forget or miss some information. Needless to say, this can lead to disgruntled customers that harm business reputation, less job opportunities and, if things escalate, litigation.

The call recording feature of VoIP allows you to play back the saved audio files to make sure you don’t miss any details, and ensures that all customer requests are met. If you ever get into a dispute with your clients about who said what, you can always retrieve the exact audio file and both parties can hear it, saving you thousands of dollars spent on litigation.

4. Understand our customer preferences

Have you ever received an inquiry about a product or service that wasn’t included in one of your offerings? Your agents usually record this information and send it to the relevant people, and if they get too many calls that day, they forget to mention it. Small problems like these can lead to huge losses in potential profits.

Again, such problems can be easily avoided with call recording. With the option to review all your calls at the end of the day, you get a better picture of what specific customers are looking for and what you can do to solve them.

VoIP allows businesses to make on-demand calls affordably, and its call recording feature helps companies improve their customer service and prevent lawsuits. If you think business VoIP is right for you or have any questions, give us a call today.

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