Definition of Computer Viruses

A computer contagion is a type of vicious software, or malware, that spreads between computers and causes damage to data and software.

Computer contagions aim to disrupt systems, cause major functional issues, and affect in data loss and leakage. A crucial thing to know about computer contagions is that they’re designed to spread across programs and systems. Computer contagions generally attach to an executable host train, which results in their viral canons executing when a train is opened. The law also spreads from the document or software it’s attached to via networks, drives, train- sharing programs, or infected dispatch attachments.

Common Signs of Computer Contagions
A computer contagion will more than likely have an adverse effect on the device it resides on and may be discoverable through common signs of performance loss, including
Speed of System
A computer system running slower than usual is one of the most common signs that the device has a contagion. This includes the system itself running sluggishly, as well as operations and internet speedsuffering.However, also it may be a sign it’s infected with a contagion, If a computer doesn’t have important operations or programs installed and is running sluggishly.

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